In 2006, Brown Bread Bakery started as the very first organic bakery and restaurant in Varanasi.
The company was founded to support the projects of Learn For Life - Another World is Possible. In 2011 we opened a restaurant (Brown Bread Bakery New Delhi) and an organic bakery (Organic German Bakeshop) in New Delhi.

We use as many organic ingredients as possible for our products. All of our bakery items are made from various organic grains which are always ground freshly. The grains, the rice and the lentils are produced by certified small farmers which we visit and check regularly. Since December 2009 they provide us with fresh fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee and spices. The organic muesli and the jam are homemade by our Women’s Empowerment Group. All of our cheese, except Auroville (handmade) and Kodai (from South India), comes from Himachal Pradesh, Nepal and Sikkim. The cows are being fed in the most natural and healthy way, which is the best way to guarantee quality.

At our organic shop you can choose from a wide range of organic / natural food products and cosmetics.