In 2006, Brown Bread Bakery started as the very first organic bakery and restaurant in Varanasi.
The company was founded to support the 
Learn For Life Empowerment Project
In 2011 we opened a restaurant (Brown Bread Bakery New Delhi) and an organic bakery (Organic German Bakeshop) in New Delhi. The Varanasi restaurant and guesthouse followed.As part of the Learn for Life Empowerment Project, Brown Bread Bakery provides free Vocational Training and employment for underprivileged section of society, while promoting sustainable organic farming and local food production. 
All the trainees receive a salary for their work and are provided with healthcare and fair working conditions.

At present, we started a collaboration with 3 different shelter homes for homeless youth in Delhi which has proved successful. We provide 18 years-old boys and girls with free bakery vocational training for 3 hours a day, in order to help them acquiring useful skills which will ultimately benefit them once they will have to leave the shelter home after turning 18 years-old.  

Organic German Bakeshop is the unit of Brown Bread Bakery in Delhi which produces fresh bakery products, mainly German and Italian recipes, and a broad range of packed food, such as grissini, organic honey, jam and Muesli.

Most of the packed food is produced in our Varanasi branch which offers jobs to Mothers of our school students. The job helps them to improve their economical condition as well as their self-esteem. They are provided with fair working conditions and free healthcare.

The profits from the sales go to further support the project.